Agency Name: Safe Haven
Phone: 1-866-921-7233 or the Healthy Baby Helpline (for pre-natal care) 1-800-986-2229

  • Program - Safe Haven:
    Description: Safe Haven is a 24 hour hotline for women who are considering harming their child. The child must be 28 days or younger. The Safe Haven worker will refer clients to other places for the assistance needed. All hospitals in PA are Safe Haven hospitals. Any person may drop of their child at a Safe Haven hospital without any questions asked. Everything is confidential and/or anonymous. As long as the baby is unharmed, there will be no police action. While women are pregnant Safe Haven encourages mothers to seek care for them and their child. For prenatal care, call the Healthy Baby Helpline. The Healthy Baby Helpline can provide information about medical providers and health care coverage.
  • Cost - All services are free and confidential.