Agency Name: Howard Area Lions Club
Address: Howard Fire Hall
Phone: 570-962-2923 Cell: 570-660-9346
Contact person: Dwayne Haines

  • Program 1 – Donated Medical Equipment:
    Description: The Lions Club will donate medical equipment to those in need (things insurances will not pay for).
    Age Range: All ages.
    Eligibility requirements: None just where there is a need and we can help.
    Costs: free, but must be returned for other people's usage
    Days/times: Call any time.
  • Program 2 – Food Bank:
    Description: The Lions Club offers a food bank that provides boxes with 22 or more items in
    each box.
    Age Range: None.
    Eligibility requirements: Depends on the income to that person or family.
    Costs: No cost.
    Days/times: The first and third Monday of the month. 2pm to 4pm
  • Program 3 – Toys for Tots:
    Description: During the holidays, the Lion's Club sponsors Toys For Tots.
    Age Range: 0 to 13 years old.
    Eligibility requirements: None.
    Costs: No cost.
    Days/times: December, the third Monday of the month. 2pm to 4pm