Agency Name: Crossroads Counseling Inc.
Address: 8 North Grove Street Suite 1 Lock Haven, PA 17745
Phone: 570-893-1886
Fax: 570-893-1850
Contact Person: Denise Scott, Clinical Supervisor/ Program Development Coordinator
Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-9pm, Friday- 8am-2pm
  • Program 1:
    Description: Crossroads Counseling offers counseling for perpetrators of domestic violence,
    DUI offenders, dual diagnosis substance abuse and mental health treatment, anger
    management and a relapse prevention program . The agency also offers psychiatric services
    and family counseling.
    Costs: $35 per group
  • Program 2:
    Description: The substance Abuse Counseling is created to develop individualized treatment
    plans which include individual and group theory with both outpatient and intensive outpatient
    treatment levels. Relapse prevention groups are utilized in facilitating an individual with their
    recovery and continued growth.
  • Program 3:
    Description: The Men Against Abuse Program is designed to facilitate men in changing their
    abusive and violent behavior. This is a 26 week Program consisting of primarily group therapy.
    Costs: consult- $40
  • Program 4:
    Description: Treatment for DUI Offenders is an 8 week Program consisting of seven group
    sessions and one individual session. There are educational presentations on alcoholism and
    other drug abuse sessions based along with group therapy.
  • Program 5:
    Description: Employee Assistance Program is offered for employers in promoting healthier
    drug and alcohol free lifestyles for their employees.

    Additional Costs: (most insurance plans cover costs)
    Individual and Family Counseling: $75 per hour
    Group Counseling: $35 per group
    Drug and Alcohol Evaluation: $160
    Domestic Violence Evaluation: $160
    Psychiatric Evaluation: $175
    Department of Transportation: $225